Desperately Seeking Crit Partner

Okay, I’m not really THAT desperate–just so you know. But Desperately Seeking Susan was, like, my favorite childhood movie and I couldn’t help myself. Here’s the deal. I have a big writing year ahead of me…literally I’m juggling three projects at the moment (yes, that includes an Amplified sequel). I already have a regular crit partner I adore (Stephanie Kuehnert, take a bow), but I’ve decided I’d like a couple. Another person I can hit up with pages whenever, and they can hit me up and all is swell. No deadlines necessary, unless it’s an emergency or something.

Here’s my style: I don’t pull punches, but I’m not mean. I’m a freelance editor, after all. I keep it constructive. Sometimes I get very passionate about characters, and I like to make funny comments about them. You’re encouraged to do the same to me. Unless it’s my job, I’m not someone who will rewrite your lines or tweak your voice, and I definitely don’t want you to do that to me. You don’t need a formal invitation to send me anything–just do it. I won’t keep track of who has read more for the other, and I really hope you won’t either.

Biggest asset: I can make one hell of a playlist for your book. No, really. Need music? I can help.

Favorite authors/styles I LOVE: Stephanie Kuehnert, Courtney Summers, A.S. King, C.K. Kelly Martin are a few examples, but I love many more. Check out my GR shelf.

What I’m looking for (yes, these are requirements):

  • You don’t have to be published, but you can’t be a beginner. Editing is a paid gig for me and I don’t have a ton of extra time, so I don’t want to feel like I’m giving a bunch of advice or ‘teaching’. I want to feel like our skill levels are fairly equal. Better than me is welcome, but I don’t want to slow YOU down either.
  • Must have read and adored at least one of my books. No, I’m not a narcissist. It’s just…if you haven’t read my writing and loved it, why would you want to be my crit partner? I’m looking for PASSION, darling!
  • I must LOVE your writing. If you’re published and I’ve read and loved one of your books, even better. A regular crit partner is a big commitment for me. I want to look forward to everything you send me and vice versa.
  • Must write YA because it’s what I write and what I love. I like most genres (especially contemp), but high fantasy and sci-fi aren’t really my thing.
  • Must be willing to cowrite a story with me (just kidding). I AM hoping to find that person one day, though.
  • Must have a sense of humor. No, really. You MUST.

Okay, so I may very well get zero responses. This is the first time I’m trying a method like this…so we’ll see.

If you want to apply (ha, that sounds so pretentious), send me an email at contact (at) thetaratracks (dot) com that includes the following:

  • Why you want to be my crit partner or you’d think we’d be a good match or whatever
  • Your favorite band (no, I won’t hold this against you–just curious)
  • A first chapter
All submissions will be kept private, of course. APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 7TH BY 5PM PST.
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  1. You know, I might take you up on this offer.