Amplified Sequel—Will there be one??

So, every week (via email, Facebook, Goodreads messages, and Twitter) I get different variations of the same question. Is there going to be an Amplified sequel? How is there NOT a sequel yet? I will hunt you down and stick a pencil in your eye if you don’t write a sequel! (Nobody actually said the last one, but I have gotten some angry demands) In fact, some people are downright MAD at me about it.

First off, it’s incredibly exciting to hear that people have become so invested in Jasmine and crew that they want a continuation of their journey. It really does thrill me to pieces–because I, too, want to continue that journey. That has always been my plan for this book.

But this is dependent on a couple of things–how well Amplified sells. If it does well, my publisher may consider a sequel. If Amplified doesn’t sell well, it will be a matter of when I have the time and resources to self-pub a sequel. But I WILL write one and I will put it out.

Here’s the thing about publishing that most of us writers know, but our readers may not.

Sales numbers often have a big impact on whether or not a publisher wants to pick up our next book. For an author who writes a killer, high-concept book that lands on the bestseller list, selling that next book is often less challenging. For quiet/midlist-ish authors like, say, me, selling that next book can be a bit more challenging. Basically, publishers are taking a risk on us every time they buy another book. They want to know they’re getting paid back—who wouldn’t, right?

So, how can you help? Support your favorite quiet authors by being LOUD. (I know many of you do this already, but sometimes it can stand to be repeated)

If you are hoping for a sequel to a book, it’s great when you write the author and let them know. But you can also email their publisher and express your interest. It means a lot more coming from you than it does us.

Tweet about it, tell your friends, tell others why they need to read your favorite author’s book.

Buy a copy—ereader or hardcopy (your choice) I understand the temptation to download illegal copies online. You work hard for your money and you don’t want to blow sixteen bucks on a book that sucks. But you’re hurting your favorite authors/artists more than helping them by doing this. That said, I’m not going to get all preachy here. I’ll just say…if you do end up liking the book, at least buy a copy :)

Hopefully that answers some of your questions. No more angry emails, ‘kay? :P

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