Realistic YA Revolution WINNERS!

Below are the winners picked via random number generator (don’t know why I haven’t tried that before–so much easier.) Your names are below the picture of the book. Congrats all!

I will email all of you when I get a chance this weekend to get your addresses. However, if you see this first and can email your address–great! Send an email to contact (at) thetaratracks (dot) com

Also, if you won a book you already have or don’t want for whatever reason, please let me know so I can draw another winner for it. Thanks!

Please do visit this post for a compilation of all the recommended realistic YA, including the top 5 most recommended books and authors.

Andrea: hersforreading at gmail


Cindy Sherwood: cwillettsherwood at yahoo

Ashley PĂ©rez: ashley at ashleyperez

Harmony: harmonybookreviews at yahoo

Tracy: tracy.dickens at yahoo

Paul W. Hankins: paulwhankins at aol

Dani Nguyen: daniellesaunders1984 at hotmail

Kathryn Hickle: catieg23 at yahoo

Lyn Miller-Lachmann: lynml at me

Callie Kingston: calliekingston at gmail

Alexa: alexabarry at notenoughbookshelves

Katie Carroll: ktlc1113 at aol

Zoe: zoetheplatypus at gmail

Elizabeth: greentara28 at gmail

Geceosan: geceosan at yahoo

Doug Solte: dougthewriter at gmail

Dana G.: happyx55555 at gmail

And as an added bonus, I’ve decided to throw in a hardcover of Harmonic Feedback!

Maggie Desmond-O’Brien: mdesmondobrien at yahoo

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One Response to Realistic YA Revolution WINNERS!

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks so much! Cannot wait to read Amplified.
    Congrats to all the winners. =)